When in doubt paint it blue!

Since moving into a new home I have had a lot of space to fill with decor, furniture and personal touches.  I have found the most entertaining and fun way to do this is to DIY.  Now bear with me I am just starting out on my creative adventure so I have done some small pieces and will graduate to larger ones as my confidence builds!

Recently I was gifted the most gorgeous kitchenaid in my dream color – sea glass blue.


Now it looked amazing in my kitchen all on its own but I thought why not spice things up!  with a few fun finds at the thrift store and some great paint I was able to add these touches!


Pretty funky right?  All it really takes is some great thrift store buys and some imagination!

I found the wood and metal hearts in the Target dollar bins (no joke!) All I had to do was paint the wood heart and voila!


The horse shoe hook I found about a year ago at an antique store and hadn’t had a place to put it….until now.

unnamed (1)

And the washboard was an antique handed down from my future mother in law.

I ran as fast I could to Michael’s and bought paint to match my blender.

Martha Stewart’s Sea Glass was a perfect match!

I painted two layers, let them dry and hung them in my own creative way.

DIY is all about what you like, how you feel and what you want to portray in your personal space so get crafting!

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