Feeling lucky?! It’s time to celebrate the Irish way!

This time of year is my favorite, always has been! ¬†It’s when the smell of spring is in the air, the weather starts to warm up and of course….. St’ Patty’s Day celebrations are here! Now this celebration is extra special for me because my main squeeze’s birthday happens to fall in the month of March so it gives me every reason in the book to throw a St. Patty’s Day themed party (with or without his consent!)

Holidays are the best excuse to host an event and add a birthday to the mix and you are good as gold… get it? Gold? ūüôā

Here are some fun ideas for a festive¬†St. Patty’s Day Shindig!

Now if you have read any of my blog posts or know me personally you know that decor is my main priority and is the first thing on my checklist!  Once you have that down the rest of the party details fall into place.

Here are some fun ideas from some of my favorite Etsy shops!

Luck of the Irish banner – an essential for decorating any mantle and also easy to hang on the wall! Found at the fun and festive shop One Tiny Heart


Personalized pub sign РA great gift for a birthday party! Found at the shop BenchMarksSignsGifts 


Table¬†decor – these mason jars are perfect and can be filled with any lucky charm you want! ¬†Found at the shop¬†Kelly’s Creative Outlet¬†


Mini sparkle hats to scatter on the tables- Found at the shop Fourth Wish Vintage


The Second most important detail is of course food and drinks! I know I know, it is the staple of the party but hey, a girl has her priorities!

Have fun with the food! Finger foods and small desserts are always a hit  so try some of these out!  They will definitely get your guests in the spirit of the Irish!

Fruit and chocolate platter Рso easy and such a nice touch! 


Cucumber rolls Рalready festive as is! 


Mini reuben sandwiches 


Dessert anyone?! 

These surprise cupcakes are like finding a mini pot of gold!


Add any of these mini shooters and your guests will definitely be feeling lucky! 


Now my¬†favorite touch to any party is showing my guests my appreciation and the best way to do that is….. favors!

I personally like to have fun wearable favors throughout the party and when the guests leave something useful they can take home as a momento!

Here are some great finds!

These fun props help create great memories for your guests!

These ones can be found at the shop Pure Simple Things


For your guests to take with them and enjoy long after the celebration has ended try these personalized coasters!

Found at the shop Happy Table 

il_570xN.725133093_qy9u (1)

Now go get lucky and happy St. Patricks Day!

When life gives you glitter and gold…..make something fabulous!

Alright lovelies!  So I know I haven’t been on here in well, let’s just say a while, I am back and with a fun post for everyone to enjoy (literally you can get these items and enjoy them!)

While I have been crafting for my house mainly I just recently went through my jewelry and accessories and realized “Hey, I want more!” so instead of going out and buying jewelry I thought why the heck not give it a shot myself?

So I got my hands on some material, cleared the dining room table, gave my puppy a kong for distraction and got to work! Here are a few items I picked up at good ol Michaels:

Polymer clay – assorted colors (which is amazing if you like to mold and bake!)

Martha Stewart leaf and fine glitter

Jewelry wire

Tools such as jewelry pliers, sculpting tools and paint brushes

And all of the jewelry essentials – Gold plated necklace chains, lobster claws and loop rings (All available at any craft store)

I followed some fun tutorials on Pinterest and this is what I came up with! 

IMG_3459 IMG_3483IMG_3480

These items are on sale at my Etsy store and I will be creating many more!  They are all customizable so if you see something you like but want a different shape, color or size just let me know!


New Year, New Celebrations!

As January slowly fades away and we enter into February, March and the beautiful spring time along comes fun new events to celebrate! ¬†One that I am sure everyone is feeling is…. the wedding fever!

Whether your co-worker, best friend or sister is starting her wedding celebrations be ready to plan something special with this simple yet gorgeous idea for a bridal shower or bachelorette party!

I was lucky enough to be in my best friend’s wedding last september and being a bridesmaid means you also get the privilege of helping set up the fun events leading up to the big day.

This is what I did to decorate and plan her bachelorette party, a beautiful and fun-filled weekend in Sonoma County.

It was filled with best friends, lots of wine and fantastic decorations to help her shine!

First of all, we rented a gorgeous home for all of us girls to share so my back drop and canvas was perfect!  Next all I had to do was come up with a theme, color scheme and then start shopping!

My go to tends to be feminine, modern and romantic so I went with gold and pink…with lots of sparkle!

pink-gold   87a0d65366c9bc380b54be6688fa5a913.jpg

These are just a few ideas of the color palette you could use to incorporate different and contrasting hues into the decorations.

Next I made a list of items I would need and went shopping!  I would say hands down the best place to find decor, accessories and all things bridal is Etsy.  Check out a few of my faves below:

For unique garland and wall decor I used Poms Mania and southernscrappn

il_570xN.489508356_ryhs il_570xN.582466823_j0a1

for fun table decor I used gold and pink heart confetti from signsationalsayings


I also did some of my own DIY with Mason Jars for the flower arrangements!  I took mason jars, gold spray paint paint and went to town! My best friend actually ended up keeping them and using them at the wedding!

The best spray paint for this kind of task is Krylon Glitter spray 

The final touch was all of the fun bachelorette accessories for both the bride and bridesmaids!

A much needed crown from Naughtyhaute il_570xN.574226999_8f1a

Pins for all of the bridesmaids at goldenbuddesigns


A fun sash from Lepetitmariage  il_570xN.569887442_30h1

And since it was a wine tasting weekend a fabulous veil for her wine glass from Pipbowtique  il_570xN.574713336_7600

There were so many more details that I found on Etsy and Pinterest that made the weekend a huge success!

Here is an overall shot of how the table was set up for her big weekend!


With an idea of the brides personality, your own creative vibe and some fun decorations you are sure to throw an amazing bridal bash!